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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


About Us

Learn how the Wireless Zone® franchise system has evolved while staying true to its roots.

Since our humble beginnings in 1988 Wireless Zone® franchisees have been providing award winning customer service to local communities across America. What started as the innovative idea of The Car Phone Store, evolved into the Wireless Zone® Franchise System. Technology centers that sell solutions to keep customers connected and productive. Wireless Zone® has evolved and is now currently rated the #1 Agent Customer Service provider for Verizon Wireless

Aside from replicating the nuts and bolts of the business engaging customer service in local communities was the key ingredient for a winning formula. Developing a franchise model made it possible to find people with a vested interest in the success of their locations – the kinds of individuals who are driven to succeed, involved in the community, follow a proven process and provide engaging customer service. Based on our success and growth we know these are the key ingredients for any winning business formula.

The backbone of The Wireless Zone® franchise system is our wonderful franchisees that follow a proven system everyday and serve their communities.

We specialize in creating customers for life.

At that time, few people knew what cellular was all about, and the big box retailers didn’t provide the care nor the education that people craved. Wireless Zone® franchisees knew that if they offered an easier way to understand and embrace mobile technology, they could win over customers for life.

Each Wireless Zone® location is dedicated to being a technology center that sells solutions to keep customers connected and productive.

You might say that technology is what keeps the Wireless Zone® franchise relevant, customer service is what keeps us a step ahead.

The average person checks their smart phone 46 times a day or 8 Billion times a day across America. Phones, tablets and portable internet devise are not just a way to communicate, theses devices are now your LIFE LINE!

Now you know where we come from from.

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