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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


Partnering with Verizon

Wireless Zone® locations are proud to be Verizon Wireless Premium Retail stores.

The Wireless Zone® franchise system is the largest independent, carrier-exclusive, wireless retailer in the country.

Calling our relationship with Verizon Wireless a strategic partnership somehow does not do it justice. A more accurate description would be a highly sought-after, invaluable advantage from the country’s most advanced wireless technology carrier.

Here are just a few accomplishments exclusive to Verizon Wireless:

  • It is the nation’s largest 4G LTE network
  • It was America’s first nationwide 3G wireless broadband network
  • It consistently delivers the most advanced wireless technology available
  • It is a brand people trust (not an exclusive claim, but no less important)

Our franchisees instantly inherit the benefits.

The Wireless Zone® model is an exclusive carrier model instead of multi-carrier because of the benefits exclusivity brings to our franchisees, their customers, and our organization. Going with a single carrier, Verizon Wireless, allows our franchisees to carry reduced inventory, receive preferred services from our carrier, and present to our customers an expert level of knowledge about the products and services we offer.

When you combine the technology exclusive to Verizon Wireless with more than 25 years of experience in the wireless industry you get the Wireless Zone® franchise system – an unmatched asset for franchisees and an unrivaled experience for customers.

A relationship with Verizon Wireless is just the beginning.

Discover all that a Wireless Zone® franchise can offer you!