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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


Franchise FAQs

Have Wireless Zone® franchise questions? Check here first!

Is the wireless industry saturated?

Expanding functionality on wireless devices has actually increased demand for new products, services and most importantly expert advice. Think about this…What other product or service is used by every socio-economic group? From CEOs to children, everyone uses a cell phone, smartphone or tablet and our use is only increasing.

Why is a Wireless Zone® store an exclusive agent instead of a multi-carrier?

We chose this model because of the benefits exclusivity brings to our franchisees, their customers, and our organization. Going with a single carrier, Verizon Wireless, allows our franchisees to carry reduced inventory, receive preferred services from our carrier, and present to our customers an expert level knowledge base on the products and services we offer.

What are the qualities Wireless Zone® franchisees possess?

We are selective in choosing our franchisees, which we believe contributes to a stronger franchise system. We have found that business-savvy individuals, with or without wireless experi¬ence, who place value in exceeding customers’ expectations, following a proven system, and possess an internal drive to be the best are the most successful Wireless Zone® franchisees.

What kind of training does Wireless Zone® University provide?

Our training program (Wireless Zone® University) is one of our strongest assets, providing a strong foundation for our franchisees. Our initial training consists of both classroom and in-store learning. However, the training does not stop there. In this exciting and fast changing industry we understand the importance of ongoing training to keep our franchisees current and relevant in today’s marketplace.

What other type of support does the Wireless Zone® franchise system offer? Our support begins even before your store opens. We work closely with you on finding the right location, build-out of the location, and initial inventory selection. Once your store opens our Regional Franchise Directors provide ongoing guidance on operational and business functions. In addition our in-house AdOneSM agency provides continuing advertising, marketing and promotional support.

How much money can I make?

Earnings will vary depending on market conditions, store location, and your own ability to execute on the Wireless Zone® franchise system among other factors. While opening any business involves risk and uncertainty, The Wireless Zone® Way provides the tools, resources and knowledge to help minimize those risks and have been doing so successfully for 25 years.

Do you offer financing?

Yes, as part of our effort to make owning a Wireless Zone® franchise as smooth as possible, we do offer limited direct financing. We also welcome each franchisee to arrange his or her own financing. The Wireless Zone® franchise is listed on the SBA Franchise Registry.