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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


The Franchise Opportunity

What makes the Wireless Zone® franchise opportunity incomparable?

Can you name a product that you use that holds every bit of information that is critical and precious to you while enhancing your life today? Something that can control your relationships, finances and your career?

According to a recent Time Magazine online article, the average American checks their smart phone 46 times or 8 billion times across America  every day. Its no longer a device it is your LIFE LINE! People are connecting and working through social media, email, texting, contacts, surfing the net and more!

Can you think of a product or service that’s appreciated by 4-year-olds and 90-year-olds alike?

What about an industry that’s continues to expand based on 4G LTE technology and is becoming common place in every product across the globe?

How about a scalable proven business model and the ability to co-brand with one of the country’s strongest, most iconic brands?

Whether we’re talking about mobile devices, the mobile networking industry, or the unrivaled brand power of Verizon Wireless, the Wireless Zone® franchise opportunity encompasses a trio of incomparable attributes. And we’re the only exclusively branded franchise in the mobile device retail space.

Our Franchisees make a difference in the lives of customers everyday across the nation while investing in their own American Dream!

While it’s true that we sell our share of cell phones and smartphones, we also sell tablets, mobile hotspots and more. Wireless Zone® locations are technology centers selling solutions – the plans and appropriate devices – to keep customers connected and productive.

You may ask: How often do people’s connectivity needs change?

Well, when was the last time you wanted to upgrade your cell phone, needed to add a tablet for your teenager, or had to increase your wireless minutes or data plan?

You can now buy all devices without contracts based on the consumer need to have the most advanced device on the market with the nations largest carrier Verizon Wireless. Smart Phone accessories are also the fastest growing category in the industry. Whether for personal or professional reasons, peoples’ lives are constantly evolving, therefore changing their wireless needs. By offering solutions – not merely devices – the Wireless Zone® franchise positions itself as an indispensable and long-term technology partner.

Of course, the general public’s insatiable appetite for the “next best thing” is a powerful benefit to have on our side. If you’re still wondering about the future growth potential of a Wireless Zone® franchise, we have many more things for you to consider.

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The Wireless Zone® franchise is on the rise.

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