Franchise Opportunities

Franchise Opportunities

What makes the Wireless Zone® franchise opportunity incomparable?

  • Stand behind a product that is used every day. Smartphones and wireless technology help people connect, share, learn and entertain. Every age, demographic and industry appreciate this product. As technology progresses, it continues to improve and evolve.
  • An industry that continues to expand based on 5G and 5G UW technology. It’s becoming common place in every product across the globe.
  • A scalable proven business model and the ability to co-brand with one of the country’s strongest, most iconic brands.

People are connecting and working through social media, email, texting, calling, internet access and more! Whether we’re talking about mobile devices, the mobile networking industry, or the unrivaled brand power of Verizon Wireless, the Wireless Zone® franchise opportunity encompasses a trio of incomparable attributes. Wireless Zone® is the only exclusively branded franchise in the mobile device retail space.

Our Franchisees make a difference in the lives of customers everyday, across the nation, while investing in their own American Dream!

We sell our share of cell phones and smartphones, but we also sell tablets, mobile hotspots and more. Wireless Zone® locations are technology centers selling solutions, including plans and appropriate devices, that keep customers connected and productive.

A consumer’s connectivity changes constantly. Whether it’s upgrading cell phones, adding a tablet for a teenager, or increasing wireless minutes or data plan. Wireless Zone® fulfills the need for service and assistance from wireless experts. Customers can now buy devices without contracts based on their need to have the most advanced device on the market with the nation’s largest carrier, Verizon Wireless. Smartphone accessories are also the fastest growing category in the industry. Peoples’ lives are constantly evolving, for personal or professional reasons, therefore changing their wireless needs. By offering solutions, not merely devices, the Wireless Zone® franchise positions itself as an indispensable and long-term technology partner.