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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


Interested in the Wireless Zone® Conversion Program?


If you are an independent wireless agent, converting to a Wireless Zone® franchise is not only a simple undertaking, it comes with a wealth of instant benefits and unique opportunities. What’s more, it costs much less than you may think.

  • Immediate Premium Retailer Status with Verizon
  • Proven System/Business Model
  • Ongoing Operational Support
  • Advertising & Marketing
  • Immediate Implementation of Best Practices to Improve Store Performance
  • Economies of Scale
  • Ongoing Training
  • Instantly part of a community of business franchisees with the same goal
  • Power in Numbers means added purchasing power
  • More Time to Spend on your Business
  • Upgraded Look and Branding of Your Store
  • In Business for Yourself, Not By Yourself

With more than 25 years in the wireless industry we see firsthand every day just how difficult it is to be a small, independent agent. Technology, general business and marketing practices change at the speed of light and trying to keep up without a support system can be a losing battle.

Wireless Zone® is the largest independent, carrier-exclusive, wireless retailer in the country. The benefits that come from being a part of this powerful system are unmatched in the industry.

However, a bigger system doesn’t mean we lose sight of personalized customer service. In fact, Wireless Zone prides itself on creating customers for life. It’s what we’ve always done and what we will continue to do.

Becoming a part of the Wireless Zone® franchise system can be much more cost effective than you might think. The Wireless Zone® conversion program offers an affordable solution to take your business to the next level.

Every situation and every market is unique so we would welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your personal business situation.

As an entrepreneur, you want to reach your full potential and fulfill many long-term goals you have set for yourself. Let us help you do exactly that.

It’s worth a conversation. If you have even five minutes, let’s talk about the benefits that the Wireless Zone® franchise can bring to your business.

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