Support & Training

Support & Training

Ongoing franchise support and training keeps you a step ahead
Your franchise experience begins at the Wireless Zone University. Learn all aspects of sales, business, technical training as well as hands-on, in-store training sessions. We stay abreast of all industry advancements, and provide ongoing technical and sales training programs for you and your employees.

You’re never alone with the Wireless Zone® support system
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits to being part of a franchise system is the infrastructure of ongoing support. Remember, at any given time there are hundreds of Wireless Zone® franchisees around the country experiencing the same challenges and successes that you are.

Have a question about how to position a new wireless product? Having trouble with an employee and aren’t sure how to handle it? What about an accounting issue that you can’t figure out?

Ask your support system! We have regularly scheduled franchise meetings that serve as forums for sharing new ideas about sales practices, business development, technological innovations, merchandising concepts, carrier issues and much more.

Additionally, each franchisee has a dedicated field support staff that will make regular visits to your store. This ensures that every aspect of your business is optimized for success.