Wireless Zone Marketing

Marketing, Advertising and PR

Verizon Wireless spends upward of 3 billion dollars a year in national advertising. The brand visibility that this type of budget affords is truly amazing. Verizon Wireless provides a co-op marketing program to each Wireless Zone® franchisee. That means you have the ability to use the Verizon Wireless logo on various forms of marketing collateral, essentially co-branding your location with the phenomenal name recognition of Verizon Wireless. The Wireless Zone® Marketing team will work with you during this process.

Integrated Marketing Solutions
The Wireless Zone® Marketing team develops a variety of high-impact, branded marketing materials and campaigns. This includes print and web related material designed to drive business and keep up with the latest promotions. The Marketing Team also assists with the Verizon Wireless co-op program for each store.

Online Marketing Presence is maintained to ensure a professional, helpful and highly visible online presence for the Wireless Zone® brand. Find information on devices, promotions and the Wireless Zone Gives. The site also includes store locations with directions, phone, email, store hours and links to social media.

Visibility via public relations
Can you see yourself positioned as a local wireless professional? We can, because we provide a proprietary localized media distribution system for our stores to get in front of local news outlets.