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Wireless Zone Franchise Opportunity


Purchasing & Distribution

Purchasing power and distribution systems included.

Do you have your own corporate buying team constantly researching and reviewing new product lines and service opportunities to ensure you’re consistently get the best value and pricing, all while remaining on the leading edge of the wireless industry?

If you were a Wireless Zone® franchisee, you would. And that’s not all.

Central warehouse and online ordering system.

The Wireless Zone® central warehouse and online ordering system are invaluable assets to franchisees, saving them money, time and aggravation – all of which leaves them free to focus on running their business. Our exclusive intranet system ensures that shipments aren’t more than a click away.


Wireless Zone® custom branded accessories.

Available to every franchisee, these high-quality accessories are yet another revenue generator. And Wireless Zone® custom branding gives our customers one more reason to remember our name and, hopefully, the exceptionally high standard of customer service they’ve come to expect from our franchise.

We do pride ourselves on having every accessory for every mobile phone ever made so if we don’t have it in stock, we’ll get it and ship it to the customer at no additional cost.

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